18th Debrecen–Katowice Winter Seminar
on Functional Equations and Inequalities,

organized by the Department of Analysis, Institute of Mathematics, University of Debrecen, will
be held in
Hotel Aurum, Hajduszoboszló, Hungary
from January 31, 2018 (arrival day) to February 3, 2018 (departure day).

The GPS coordinates of the Hotel are N: 47◦ 451181, E: 21◦ 402541 and the webpage of the Hotel



General Information


The conference is held in Hotel Aurum, in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary from January 31, 2018 (arrival day) to February 3, 2018 (departure day).
All conference talks are given in the Main Lecture Room, which is equipped with a computer, a data projector, and a flipchart. The duration of every talk is at most 20 minutes, which is followed by a discussion of at most 5 minutes. There are no breaks between the talks within a session, therefore the schedule of the individual talks is only approximative. Speakers cannot inherit time from the previous talk. The time saved by shorter talks can be devoted to problems and remarks at the end of the session. You can find the list of the participants, the program and the abstract booklet below. Your questions may help the Organizing Committee to improve organization, so do not hesitate to contact the conference secretary, Eszter Gselmann.


List of participants


  1. Badora, Roman
  2. Bessenyei, Mihály
  3. Boros, Zoltán
  4. Burai, Pál
  5. Fazekas, Borbála
  6. Fechner, Włodzimierz
  7. Fechner, Zywilla
  8. Gát, György
  9. Ger, Roman
  10. Gilányi, Attila
  11. Gselmann, Eszter
  12. Kiss, Tibor
  13. Kominek, Zygfryd
  14. Lucskai, Gábor
  15. Łukasik, Radosław
  16. Makó, Judit
  17. Maksa, Gyula
  18. Morawiec, Janusz
  19. Nagy, Gergő
  20. Olbrys, Andrzej
  21. Páles, Zsolt
  22. Sablik, Maciej
  23. Sikorska, Justyna
  24. Shulman, Ekaterina
  25. Szokol, Patrícia
  26. Szostok, Tomasz
  27. Turobos, Filip
  28. Wójcik, Paweł
  29. Zakaria, Amr
  30. Zürcher, Thomas


Abstract booklet


You can download the abstract booklet from here.


Report of the Seminar


You can download the report of the Seminar from here.