Course Description: This course covers vector and multi-variable calculus. Topics include vectors and matrices, partial derivatives, double and triple integrals, and vector calculus in 2 and 3-space.
Course code: TMBE0604, TMBE0607EN, TMBG0607EN
Infomation: Syllabus
Topics: - simultaneous linear equations, eigenvectors, eigenvalues
- vectors
- partial differentiation  1.  2.  3.
- multiple integrals
- vector analysis  1.  2.  3.
Topics of tests:

1. test:
 - eigenvalues, eigenvectors,
 - vectors (norm, angle, scalar and vector product, triple product),
 - partial derivatives, directional derivative,
 - small increments, rate of change,
 - local minimum, local maximum,
 - derivatives of an implicit function.

2. test:
 - partial differential equations,
 - multiple integrals,
 - line integrals,

Practice tests: 1. test (PDF)
2. test (PDF)
Test results: Results of the 1st test: PDF
Results of the 2nd test: PDF
Results of the make-up test (basic level): PDF
Results of the make-up test (advanced level): PDF
Grades  of Mathematics II practice (after the make-up tests): PDF (The same grade will be proposed for the theory but your are free not to accept this. In that case you have to register for the exam in the Neptun.)
Announcement: Date of the make-up test: 2019. May 17, 8:00 AM
Date of the second test: 2019. May 10, 8:00 AM
Date of the first test: 2019. March 29, 8:00 AM