Attendence on the practical course is mandatory, it is only allowed to miss at most three classes.

Except for the first session, there is a short test in the beginning of every problem solving class.  The purpose of this test is that students prepare for the classes on a weekly basis. A typical test consists of one problem (occasionally two problems are posed), which was either a problem that was discussed on an earlier session, or an earlier homework problem, or a straightforward modification of such.  It is also possible that on the short test the students are asked to apply an important definition or theorem that was presented on an earlier lecture, e.g., is the quaternion group solvable?

Each student is required to collect at least five points on the short tests throughout the semester.

Problem sheets for the practical course

week 1: problem sheet 1                                               week 8: school holiday

week 2: problem sheet 2                                  |            week 9: problem sheet 7

week 3: problem sheet 3                                              week 10: problem sheet 8

week 4: problem sheet 4                                  |           week 11: problem sheet 9

week 5: problem sheet 5                                              week 12: problem sheet 10

week 6: problem sheet 6                                  |           week 13: problem sheet 11

week 7: revision of old problems                                 week 14: revision of old problems

Test 1 (sample)   March 29,  M426  13:00-14:30          Test 2 (sample)   May 17,  M426  13:00-14:30

There is going to be a retake test at the end of the semester, if need be. The specific date and time is postponed until further discussion. There is only one retake test, and it will cover the whole semester. (In particular, it is not possible to retake the first or the second test separately.)