Lecture notes       Classes: Tue. 14-16, M205   Wed. 10-12, M205        Test I.: mar. 14       Test II.: apr. 18


Attendance is mandatory; those who miss more than 4 classes may not get a signature at the end of semester. Make sure you arrive on time, and do not ask a fellow student to sign the catalogue for you. Students should only contact me personally during my office hours; if there is a more urgent matter that cannot wait, then students should contact me via e-mail.

There are two tests, and the grades are based solely on the test results. Each of these two tests worth 50 points, and the following table shows the grade corresponding to the total sum of points on the two tests:

    0-39 | 1  (fail)

  40-49 | 2  (pass)

  50-59 | 3  (pass)

  60-69 | 4  (pass)

70-100 | 5  (pass)

Typically, there is a retake test on the last class, and it covers the subject material of the whole semester. This is aimed primarily to those students who failed the course based on their results in the first two tests, i.e., obtained grade 1, the only failing grade. However, others can also choose to write the retake test if they are not satisfied with their grade. Word of warning: if you write the retake test, then it cancels both earlier test results. So the grade you obtain for the retake test is your final grade (even if it is worse than the grade you had before that).

Students can use a calculator during classes and tests, as well. However, it is not allowed to borrow a fellow classmate's calculator during a test. So if you need a calculator for a test, then you have to bring your own. Programmable calculators cannot be used.

It is prohibited to use a phone during any of the classes or tests. In particular, you cannot use your phone as a calculator, or for taking photos. Breaking this rule, just like any form of behaviour that is below the high standards of the university can lead to the student being sent out of the classroom, or in more serious cases, to a disciplinary hearing. Any form of cheating on a test may lead to the student(s) involved to end up finishing that test with zero point.